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Expert Care.

Auto Detailing

Premium Auto Detailing Services
Located in Chilliwack, BC

Our Detail Packages.

Deluxe Detail

$300 - $400+

What to expect:

*4 - 6+ hour turnaround*

This package includes a precise exterior hand wash where we start with a deep clean on the wheels and tires. We then rinse the vehicle and apply a pre-wash solution to all surfaces in order to loosen and break down any dirt or grime before the contact wash stage.


Next, your vehicle receives a chemical decontamination as well as a mechanical decontamination to remove any embedded contaminants that may have bonded to the paint. From here, the vehicle is completely dried and each surface is sealed to provide protection to the exterior of the vehicle.

Once the washing process is complete, we will move onto the interior where all surfaces receive a meticulous vacuum and sanitized wipe down. All of the leather surfaces will be properly conditioned, interior UV inhibiting dressing is applied, carpets are shampooed, and the glass is cleaned to a streak free finish.

Perfect for those who are looking for a simple refresh.

Signature Detail

$500 - $600+

What to Expect:

6 - 10+ hour turnaround

The Signature Detail Package includes all of the services in the Deluxe Package, with the addition of a one-step paint correction. This correction is designed to remove light to moderate surface imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation, water spots etc.

Prior to the washing process being completed, we will start the paint correction process. This includes a thorough inspection of the paint condition and the completion of a test spot to determine the proper method and products to be used. And once the machine polishing stage is finished, a 2-4 month sealant is applied to all surfaces of the vehicle.

Following the paint correction, an upgrade to a ceramic coating is highly recommended. Click here to learn more about our ceramic coating offerings.

Full Interior Detail

$200 - $350+

What to expect:

*4 - 6+ hour turnaround*

This package begins with a comprehensive deep cleaning process, meticulously addressing every nook and cranny within your vehicle's interior. Our advanced techniques and premium products eliminate dust, dirt, and grime, restoring a fresh and pristine appearance. From the dashboard to the door panels, every interior surface receives professional care.

All of the leather, vinyl, and plastics receive a conditioning treatment to rejuvenate and protect these materials for the long run. The carpets and upholstery then undergo a rigorous extraction and shampooing process, resulting in a fresh, like-new appearance and aroma.


Even more, at Jaded Garage we prioritize hygiene. Our advanced steam cleaning techniques go beyond the surface to effectively eliminate allergens and bacteria, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for you and your passengers.

It is our goal to make your interior look as close to brand new as possible.

Add-On Services

pet hair removal icon

Pet Hair Removal

Starting at $49

trim restoration icon

Trim Restoration

Contact for pricing

odor removal icon

Odor Removal

Starting at $49

paint correction icon

Multi-Stage Paint Correction

Contact for pricing

engine bay detail icon

Engine Bay Detail

Starting at $49

headlight restoration icon

Headlight Restoration

Contact for pricing

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Jaded Garage's auto detailing supplies

Expert Care.


Our maintenance plan is an excellent way to keep your freshly detailed vehicle looking its best all year round. Once you become a member, we will work together to determine a flat rate and a schedule that works for you, whether that is a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Every visit, we will do what it takes to achieve that freshly detailed look from the day of your first detail.


Book your first appointment today to get started!

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